Track & Manage Your Cargo with INTERaust

When you have cargo making its way across the world, it’s important you’re able to know its location and status at every point of its journey. That’s why we’ve developed INTERaust, our in-house designed freight management service that lets you easily let you track and manage your cargo in real-time, 24/7.

INTERaust functionality includes...

- Product Maintenance (including forward procurement landed cost estimations)
- Purchase Order Placement directly with overseas suppliers
- Purchase Order Tracking
- Overseas Supplier Bookings
- Shipment Tracking
- Arrival Notices
- Landed Cost Reporting
- Container Management Reporting
- KPI and Statistical Reporting

We recognise that each of our clients has different requirements. The INTERaust system allows you to use any and all of the above modules, depending on your needs, offering the flexibility to tailor the system to meet your specific requirements, making for a very powerful tool cargo management tool at your disposal.

At Intergroup, we understand the success of your business requires the precise delivery of your product to a specified time and location, and the success of our business relies on meeting those needs.


Quality Service, Regardless of Quantity

Whether you’re shipping one unit or 10,000, we can meet your freighting needs, managing the journey from purchase order to delivery.

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