Inco Terms

Ex Works - Buyer bears all costs of transportation from seller’s premises.
FAS - Free alongside ship name port of shipment.
FOB - Seller responsible for costs up to Free on Board ship or aircraft – Freight is buyer’s responsibility.
CFR/CIF - Cost & Freight / Cost Insurance & Freight – Seller is responsible for costs to bring goods to named desination.
DAT - Delivered at Terminal.
DAP - Delivered at Place.
DDP - Delivery Duty Paid – Named Port of Destination.
CPT - Cartage paid to.
FIS - Free Into Store – Seller’s responsibility for all costs, including duty, for delivery into buyers premises.

Shipping Terminology

APCA - Australian Port Changes (also known as Port Service of BSRA).
CAF - Currency Adjustment Factor.
BAF - Bunker Adjustment Factor.
D.O - Delivery Order.
THC - Terminal Handling Charge.
TRC - Terminal Receiving Charge.